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500nm Filter Blue Anti UV LED Tube Yellow Safe PC Lamp Shade

Led Extrusion Transparent Anti-Uv Clean Room Safety Light Cover Lamp Shade

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Laiendi
Material: the polycarbonate
Shape: Aspheric/Full plastic
Style: anti-uv clean room safety light
Craft: Extrusion
Size: OEM Customized Size


    Brand Name Laiendi
    Material Polycarbonate
    Shape Aspheric / Full plastic 

    Anti-UV Clean Room Safety Light
    Color Transparent Yellow / Translucent Yellow
    Size OEM Customized
    Craft   Extrusion

    Fire rating

    Dimension Width is 26 mm, 13 mm/H or Customized


    600/900/1200/2400mm/or Customized

    1. The Anti - UV;

    2 Filter out the blue light within 500nm.