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China LED packaging industry development situation

Publish:ShenZhen LaiEnDi Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2016-05-12
  LED is refers to the light emitting chip packaging, is the most closely associated with market segment. Because of encapsulation technology content and investment threshold is relatively low, so it is the size of the investment in the LED industry chain of the largest and fastest growing areas.
  In recent years, the traditional semiconductor packaging companies are starting to test the waters LED encapsulation, semiconductor packaging equipment manufacturers gradually increase LED equipment research and development and marketing, and packaging companies more often downstream application fields, and there is no lack of some power companies to expand upstream.
  LED packaging products in China after 10 years of development, has formed all kinds of packaging model, basic synchronization model with foreign packaging products. China has gradually become the world‘s LED encapsulation device manufacturing center, China LED packaging companies encapsulation capacity expanded rapidly. Domestic LED packaging companies are mainly distributed in the pearl river delta region, the second is the Yangtze river delta region. With more capital to enter mainland China packaging industry, the LED packaging production capacity will be further expansion.
  In 2015 the global LED industry total year-on-year growth of 12.4%, which LED encapsulation has increased by 9.1%. China‘s LED industry total size is 396.7 billion yuan, packaging industry production scale is 64.2 billion yuan, increased by 13%. From the data point of view, China‘s packaging industry production scale is growing faster than the global packaging size growth, China is becoming a global LED encapsulation base.