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Guangdong LED industry development opportunities and challenges

Publish:ShenZhen LaiEnDi Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2016-05-12
  The global LED industry development of China, the guangdong Chinese LED industry development. 11 LED industry is China‘s strategic emerging industry one of the most promising industry, with China‘s growing economic development, the size of the LED lighting industry to expand, as the LED lighting industry in guangdong is the most concentrated area, the LED industry scale in whole province at present has increased from about 3000 in 2013 to more than 4000, drive the related employment of nearly 3 million people, 3500 yuan output value of more than 3500.
  As is known to all, as the economic center of China, guangdong province, the economic development speed has been walking in the forefront of The Times. At the same time, as one of coastal cities in China, guangdong has become China‘s contact with the world. In such an open and inclusive environment of the province, as one of China‘s 11 large emerging industries LED industry, its development speed is also recognized by the Chinese and the world.
  At present, the LED industry in guangdong has been initially formed in shenzhen, huizhou, zhongshan and foshan as the center, radiation surrounding the industry chain to the four big industrial cluster, combined with guangdong area industrial support policy of the generous and rich services, LED industry in guangdong this vast fertile land for the development of the large power.
  Policy paper
  The development of LED industry in guangdong has never lack of policy support. Both capital subsidies and preferential policy, etc., around the guangdong government is sparing no effort in the development of LED industry. Let‘s count the guangdong region of preferential policies.
  1, shenzhen 2 billion subsidies enterprise conscience
  To better play to the role of unemployment insurance against unemployment, promote employment, encourage enterprises to stable jobs, recently, shenzhen bureau of human resources, municipal finance committee jointly issued on unemployment insurance to support enterprise stable post subsidy policies, to take effective measures no layoffs and fewer layoffs, stable jobs, stable jobs which are given by the unemployment insurance fund subsidies, post subsidy policy implementation by the end of 2020. Is expected in 2016 about 30 m eligible enterprises, actually enjoy the subsidy policy of steady during the line is about 2 billion yuan.
  2, shenzhen longgang open technology special allowance
  Shenzhen, as the centre of technology innovation, the government encouraged for scientific and technological innovation is also trying to be all. Shenzhen longgang district to fully strengthen the industry guidance and motivation, promote regional economic development pattern transformation and the optimization of industrial structure, the district government to set up economic and technological development special funds, the highest subsidies of up to 3 million.
  3, shenzhen to start the energy conservation and emissions reduction plan, LED enterprise maximum or 15 million funding
  Shenzhen started recycling economy with a special fund to support energy saving and emission reduction plan, key support areas involved in circular economy demonstration project, water saving, energy saving, emission reduction and pollution prevention four aspects. Energy-saving aspects including motor system energy saving, energy system optimization, utilization of by-product heat pressure and high efficient LED green lighting project, etc., subsidies amount for each item according to the approved by expert evaluation project a certain proportion of fixed assets to ensure that the highest do not exceed 15 million yuan.
  4, guangzhou, shenzhen intellectual property agglomeration center will be built
  On February 16, innovation-driven development conference in the southern province of guangdong "innovation-driven development strategy in our province in 2016 work key point of developing intellectual property services, intellectual property cluster center in guangzhou, shenzhen construction.
  5, zhongshan construction "China‘s export industrial products (lighting) quality and safety demonstration zone"
  Lighting industry is one of the zhongshan special advantage industries, zhongshan guzhen "lights are China," is famous in the world. Introduced earlier, zhongshan city, the construction of "China‘s export industrial products (lighting) quality and safety demonstration zone" implementation plan ", proposed to standardize and improve the quality of export lighting zhongshan safety demonstration zone (hereinafter referred to as the "demonstration area") construction, to enhance the level of overall quality and safety of export lighting zhongshan and core competitiveness, the innovation and development of zhongshan lighting industry to find new breakthrough, further promote the zhongshan lamp is acted the role of industry transformation and upgrading.
  6, zhongshan strengthen LED enterprises developing plan
  Zhongshan city government formulated the "zhongshan LED industry development planning (2014-2020), according to the LED industry development planning, will be in guzhen town of zhongshan city xiaolan town as the center, and the joint city.near, fu town, torch development zone and other townships coordinated development, by expanding the LED industry cluster, development LED encapsulation and high-end application industry, development of LED industry, development measures such as service industry, LED by 2015, LED enterprises above designated size to achieve an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan, cultivating 1-2 home has 5 annual output value over 5 billion yuan and annual output value over 500 million yuan LED enterprises, cultivating 1-2 LED companies listed. By 2020, LED enterprises above designated size to achieve an annual output value of more than 80 billion yuan, drive the related with more than 200 billion yuan in modern service industries, foster two annual output value over 10 billion yuan, has LED the enterprise international market competitiveness.
  7, nanhai district, foshan city, start a special fund to support high-tech enterprises
  Held on February 23, the south China sea high technology and new technology enterprise (hereinafter referred to as "high") breeding work conference, announced the action plan for high-tech enterprises, located in nanhai district, foshan city, cultivate, and requires high quantity sharp growth this year, 200 new province high breeding warehousing enterprises. Meeting the target task decomposition to the evaluated integratedly. Nanhai district Zheng Canru, said the next step will be a special support fund to reward successful high-tech enterprises to declare.
  8, guangdong issued a "smart development plan of guangdong", promoting "made in guangdong wisdom"
  In July 2015, the guangdong provincial government issued "the guangdong intelligent manufacturing development plan (2015-2025)," the plan is guangdong province comprehensive docking "made in China 2025" development planning, is the industry calls "smart" in guangdong. From "manufacturing" to "think tank", for emerging, including the LED industry, manufacturing industry, will not only bring huge development opportunities, also from the policy level indicates the future direction of the development of the industry.
  An industry development needs a fertile soil and a suitable growth environment, and guangdong province has always been a creative environment. Under the precondition of many policies for LED industry, high-speed development. As a result, we see is a very sunny situation, guangdong increasingly powerful LED industry scale, industry chain on the middle and lower reaches of perfect layout, regional scale is obvious. At the same time, the synergistic effect of industrial cluster is also gradually strengthened.
  Opportunity article
  Guangdong is a comprehensive very strong province, enterprises here is easy to find their own position. For the occurrence of any fresh industry, guangdong of attitude is accepted and not exclusive. For the LED industry development, itself is a process of innovation. Therefore, inclusive of city in guangdong province, is advantageous to the LED industry sustainable development forward.
  At present, as the last of the implementation of the "smart" guangdong and thorough, the LED lighting industry in guangdong is to present the five development direction, the momentum will undoubtedly bring new development opportunities to the development of industry.
  A: wind intellectualization
  Last July, the guangdong government has embarked on a comprehensive docking "made in China 2025" plan, called a "smart" in guangdong. From "manufacturing" to "think tank", for emerging, including the LED industry, manufacturing industry, the enormous opportunities for development.
  The wind two: informatization
  "Guangdong smart development plan" put forward: "the implementation of Internet + manufacturing action plan", LED industry is currently showing a "Internet +" informatization development situation, as the "smart" guangdong attaches great importance to the informatization, the policy support and industrial development of endogenous power, driven by information will be one of the important direction for the future development of LED industry.
  The wind 3: quality
  July 3, the government of guangdong province issued by the general office of the guangdong province quality improvement action guidance clearly put forward: "in five years, forming a batch of quality innovative leading enterprises, in the advanced manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industries, modern service industry in areas such as cultivating a number of leading domestic and international competitive multinational company, to build a batch of outstanding brand image, innovation platform is complete, quality first-class modern enterprise and industry cluster".
  Currently there is no lack of LED industry in guangdong have high quality products, but it is undeniable that in the international competition, we are still in a price war as the main means of competition. With "made in guangdong wisdom" as an opportunity to improve the quality, sets up the brand, this will be the guangdong LED the only way for enterprises to strong.
  The wind 4: standardization
  For "smart" guangdong, standardization also contains the connotation of the two aspects: on the one hand is to let the guangdong manufacturing to the existing standard system, through the "manufacturing" to "smart", let the products conform to the requirements of the domestic and international standards in guangdong.
  For modern manufacturing, who caught the standards authority, who will be able to get industry say. Guangdong LED industry as early as 2011 began the process of standardization of "standard optical components" standard system already has a certain influence at home and abroad, in the context of the "made in guangdong wisdom", and more LED enterprises to participate in the standard formulation and application, to promote "standard optical components" standard system gain greater influence, become the domestic and international standards, guangdong LED enterprises will gain huge industry say.
  The wind five: internationalization
  Guangdong manufacturing industry since the reform and opening up is widely involved in the development of internationalization and competition, while "made in guangdong wisdom" will promote the guangdong manufacturing to get rid of the "big but not strong", with more powerful attitude to participate in international competition.
  At present in guangdong has a batch of LED enterprises with certain international influence, but compared with the international giant, in many aspects, such as technology, brands, market channels and gap. Under the impetus of the "wisdom" in guangdong, with a good momentum of development and policy of the guangdong LED industry support, the future of the LED business will be more comprehensive to go global, in the process, will produce a guangdong native international lighting giants.
  In addition, guangdong has undoubtedly has a very strong capital market. Booster for the development of LED industry several large driving force, the technology innovation, capacity expansion, capital expansion and so on all need to rely on capital operation, and guangdong has always been a capital growth soil. LED enterprises so long as has the enough strength and brand influence, not only can get policy of preferential treatment, which contains various kinds of subsidies and support, but also very easy access to capital markets, so as to obtain a considerable market financing or investment.
  In addition, the development of LED industry chain in guangdong is relatively perfect, in the middle and lower reaches of industry are the leading enterprises. Upstream chip industry distribution of bdo shenzhen tongfang, zhuhai,, guangdong well-known companies such as electronic, packaging industry also contains hong optoelec starlight, wood Tomlinson, countries and Switzerland abundant photoelectric tap, such as the downstream application industry well-known enterprises are too numerous to list. Complete industrial chain is easier to make industrial cluster, at the same time "means" development mode is to enhance the industry‘s ability to resist risk. No doubt this is the advantage of guangdong LED industry development is very convenient.
  Challenge the article
  For the development of any industry, the opportunities and challenges coexist, guangdong LED industry is no exception. For guangdong LED industry, the development opportunities is unprecedented, but the challenges are also enormous.
  First of all, generous assistance policy and industrial advantage easily to the cluster of enterprises. In the process of industry development, this is bound to bring the risk of excess production capacity, resulting in adverse impact. Excess capacity is likely to cause vicious competition, pricing and quality case arises at the historic moment, this phenomenon have been already reflected in the past 2015 years. At the same time, excess capacity will also bring enterprises outflow, guangdong many LED company established in mainland China in succession is presented.
  How to reasonably and effectively balance the LED industry chain on the middle and lower reaches and corresponding peripheral development, has become the guangdong current urgently needs to think and to solve the problem.
  Second, guangdong area labor costs rising year by year, LED manufacturing has lost some advantage. Labor costs as one of the main cost of manufacturing, how to control labor costs become the top priority of each manufacturing companies. However, guangdong area wages rise year by year, which undoubtedly exacerbated manufacturing companies operating burden, therefore manufacturing advantages of guangdong area is eroded year by year. Industrial chain of enterprises "flight" cause of fault.
  Enterprise is an important part for the development of LED industry, once appear, enterprise scale "flight", the development of the industry will be in a dilemma, and even reverse. Pressure from internal and external environment, therefore, how to reduce enterprise has become the contemporary LED industry development must face problems.
  In addition, the high consumer prices resulting in the loss of talent. In the majority with floating population in guangdong, both bottom, or middle technical personnel, and even senior managers and technical backbone, migrants have made great contribution to the development of industry. But as in recent years, guangdong consumption level is higher and higher, many foreigners say "to eat, can‘t afford to live, can‘t afford it". As a result, many migrants choose home development or business, this is undoubtedly a devastating blow to the development of LED industry.
  People in guangdong LED industrial chain plays an indispensable role. Prior to this, guangdong in the attraction of the talent is quite strong, but in recent years, this kind of attraction is waning. Therefore, the introduction of talent, and is becoming a stable work to guangdong LED industry one of the headaches.
  Guangdong active economic condition, a good policy support and open inclusive environment really brings many favorable conditions for the development of LED industry, which makes guangdong LED industry cluster well ahead of other domestic areas, thereby. But in the process of industrial development, overcapacity, enterprise flight, the problem such as the brain drain is serious. Therefore, how to face and cope with the challenge of development, will become the LED industry in guangdong can be the key to further off.