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Popular science books, how to choose a good LED lights?

Publish:ShenZhen LaiEnDi Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2016-05-12
  Home decorate choose lamps and lanterns is inevitable, the appearance of lamps and lanterns need to coordinated with decorate a style and function. The style and the modelling of lamps and lanterns is opinion, guess what, in the don‘t need to say more. This article mainly tells consumers how to choose the suitable lamps and lanterns, especially the LED lamps and lanterns, can not only meet the needs of the lighting environment, and can achieve healthy lighting requirements.
  1, LED lamp is not bright, the better
  Ordinary consumers easily into a myth, when a white light LED lights and a warm color leds together, think white light than the light warm color to move, the illusion that white light is better. In our live and stay for a long time, actually should choose below 4000 k and the color temperature of LED lights, so that we can effectively reduce or avoid the impact of blue light to human body health, for the protection of eyesight also has very important significance. Figure 1, you can very intuitive display color temperature 4000 k and below.
  Figure 1 color temperature
  2, choose the light that less harmonic content
  Harmonic more professional, consumers are not well understood, choose the light cannot judge harmonic content more with less. Our ac 50 hz sine wave, but due to the use of a large number of electronic products and other non-linear loads, cause our power supply or circuit current is not a pure sine wave, which mingled with the other frequency waveform, harmonic content is higher, the greater the impact. There are many kinds of harmonic harm, for users, the energy consumption increases, the radio equipment will produce interference and so on.
  How do we summary judgment harmonic? You can take a transistor radio, close to the LED lights, if the radio noise, the greater the showed that leds harmonic content is higher, the more powerful for radio interference.
  Figure 2 noise!
  3, reduce the influence of stroboscopic effect
  Stroboscopic effect is also a professional term, that is, under the light of change at a certain frequency, the observed object movement presents a static or different from the actual motion state. Consumer not to understand. Stroboscopic effect is caused by 50 hz alternating current, the higher we make 50 hz alternating current frequency or into a dc this problem is not solved? ! So, we can take the discriminant, mobile phone or camera shooting video mode if the LED screen is displayed on the screen display of jitter, stroboscopic serious, eyesight will produce harm to people.
  Above, from the perspective of popular science about choose tips when LED lights, hope to be of help, also hope you can correct choose lamps and lanterns, protect eyesight.