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The LED terminal market change and its way out

Publish:ShenZhen LaiEnDi Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2016-05-12
  From the point of professional market, first of all, from large area market change to smaller regional markets. First, short rung in wenzhou bridge market unify the whole country; Then guzhen market unify the whole country; Later, formed the ancient town, changzhou, linyi, three cent world wholesale market. Now, each province several or even have a wholesale market. Sichuan, for instance, the wholesale market alone with gold fort lamp house and love; Chongqing has peaceful model.flood-control.
  In addition, the professional market forms are from wholesale to retail. We can‘t say the wholesale markets are disappearing, but it really shrinking, wholesalers is becoming increasingly sad days.
  This is why, one is the information is more and more transparent. On information opaque earn profit among the soil is no longer exist. Again is the product of oversupply, run the original living space. If you want to live must find new mode of survival and development. Second, in the final analysis to the middle is the ultimate desire from consumers, manufacturers have to adapt.
  So, where is the way out? We separate.
  Say first factory outlet, it either scale, or personal.
  Manufacturers should have enough capital, a monopoly or half monopoly. Of course this is difficult, at the same time has a very big risk. Such as changhong and Letv competition.
  Specialization and individuation is focused on differentiation market, and grasp the rhythm, often live more moist.
  So, today we emphasize spirit, specialization stresses, stresses do leader in differentiation, moderate private ordering, emphasis on quality, pay attention to the originality, design, process, quality, details, value and moderately high profits, it is the pursuit of!
  To clear a myth: do bigger and stronger, do count how much big? 100 million? 1 billion? 10 billion? 100 billion? How strong is strong to do? King kong unbeaten? An empire? These are not! Only healthy, steady, grasp node, step by step, relaxed and happy is! This is also the future of the new normal.
  Besides, dealer‘s way out.
  Wholesalers: only earn profits among, is certainly no way out. The road more walk more narrow is a necessity. But operators have a way, because they are extensions of the manufacturers operating function. Wholesalers in the future must be converted into service, warehousing, logistics, distribution and exchange.
  Retailers: at present, the main points in three categories: 1, building materials, hardware ZongGeDian, lighting lamp ZongGeDian, brand stores. Three types of dealers, who cannot judge who is better.
  In a word, the dealer is the future is the triad: dealers + operators, service providers; The operation mode of the best in the future market must be: chain OTO + + service + membership.
  In the future, OTO who will do? Must be better manufacturer leader.
  As to how to operate, we think, what way can. The simplest need only a public WeChat ID.
  And who is the chain and the service provider? Must be current distributors. Who is a member? Of course is the consumer. As for as you don‘t succeed, how big is the nature, the key depends on the wisdom, ability and the team, time, and endurance.
  We will talk about the market for. In fact, the market is not static, it never changes.
  Hardware store era, there is no market, can only sell light bulbs and fluorescent lamp; Age of building materials market, lamps and lanterns shop in it, to sell any lighting and roadside store business is good. Professional market of lamps and lanterns: time separated from building materials market, began to specialization, ever since a long time, professional market is good to do business.
  Nowadays, the change of market up some, its main performance is:
  1, crossover: there have been some furniture, soft outfit and lighting market, such as the sixth space.
  2, the clustering or multiple formats the layout of the market, building materials, furniture, ceramic sanitary ware, lighting a relatively independent of each area, each category is a fist, create a one-stop buy neat concept.
  3, out of the professional market, a monopoly in the downtown. 4, will be the future there will be new forms: the combination of physical and electrical contractor, there is no successful cases.
  Some of several phenomenon in the market, and I thought:
  1, the wholesale market is declining, but in a strong rise in wholesale way do retail, this suggests that, to the middle is a necessity.
  2, the wholesale market and retail market competition in the retail market at a disadvantage at the beginning, then took advantage in the retail market, it shows that low price is not absolute advantage, disadvantage and advantage is transform each other sometimes.
  3, in the professional market, the brand and the "big turn" in the process of the game, to start with cheap products is the dominant, then gradually became a disadvantage. Today, decided to professional market survival is often brand monopoly. Your brand the market for power (especially the lantern brand) the higher degree of monopoly, the bigger the advantage, otherwise the market.
  4, about marketing and direct marketing. Normally, we believe that their own open a shop called directly, more test capability of manufacturer, we are not very advocate; We prefer direct manufacturers, but it is also a test of the concept of merchants and manufacturers. So, no matter how to say, although produce direct selling is the dream of consumers and many manufacturers, but whether against social division of labor is more and more thin, not unified and monopoly business rule? Unprofitable who don‘t want to do.
  5, the future of the dealer. Dealers in the future to dealers + service is a kind of inevitable, online is a kind of inevitable; Go out and sales and the introduction to sales is a kind of inevitable.
  6, hypermarket platform is a kind of inevitable. Hypermarket is monopolistic upstream quite a number of high-quality brand, must do hypermarket influence, must through the mobile Internet and its service network of radiation downward.
  7, about the future of the big market. Big market itself must become the local leading, must be in upper ridge brand resources, dealers in the downstream monopoly resources, have a center formats at the same time, several deputy center formats, and combine professional purchasing, leisure consumption, this is the trend of the future. Do the most professional service, supporting the most complete, more deep, more professional, may be the development trend of the future market.
  8, about china-eu wisdom light thinking.
  1) first of all, it is the area of lighting, lighting the biggest sales base. Because the area is great, it should be a combination including, at the same time has the largest brand cluster aggregation degree;
  2) it must do retail wholesale manner direct sales base, is selling to the middle of the innovation base;
  3) is the most professional, chongqing and the surrounding supporting most of qi, service and professional lighting market;
  4), is the most fun in chongqing, the richest charm and guest areas of the wisdom of the crowd, zone and experimental area;
  5) is Internet + experimental area and OTO operational headquarters base;
  6) through policy (bonded zone policies), logistics advantages (chongqing new European railway express) make it a headquarters for domestic enterprises in chongqing (domestic and export bridgehead.
  7) by the high quality industrial supporting, let there be wisdom lighting sales, promotion, training base and industry base, to produce sales promotion, a pin with production, so as to rise the one-stop production and sales of southwest emerging intelligent lighting industry cluster.