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Under the trend of Internet LED industry analysis of the opportunities and challenges

Publish:ShenZhen LaiEnDi Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2016-05-12
  Now, the Internet is by the IT (Information Technology, Information Technology) age to DT (Data, Technology, science and Technology of Data), and the combination of leds and the Internet is a development trend. International giant‘s action shows a change in the LED industry: withdraw from all markets except South Korea samsung LED lighting business, focus on the business LED upstream core device; Philips Lumileds is split and selling automotive lighting and LEDPKG operations; Osram lighting business will be sold soon, spin-off LED lamps and lanterns system, specializing in automotive lighting, based on the project of intelligent lighting solution. This change also appeared on the LED domestic enterprises. Last year on May 18, Abby‘s announced to stop construction projects and LED lighting products research and development projects, to put money into to the LED display project. LED giant retreat at home and abroad, is both contraction front, cut off poor profits of the business, and on the current fierce competition, LED lighting industry almost unprofitable silent resistance, but also concern about the outlook for LED lighting industry development.
  How to develop a new era of lighting industry? Lighting will follow the development of The Times and development of DT. The key of digital connection, it is the Internet. First of all, the semiconductor properties of the LED itself, nature become a carrier and in the process of digital connection interface, as well as the development of smart + connected lighting provides the possibility of more. , for instance, samsung electronics has fired the smart home market power: in 2015 the United States in the international lighting fair (LFI), samsung electronics is shows the new open intelligent lighting platform, the platform including LED lighting module, intelligent lighting data exchange and intelligent lighting system three parts of cloud, eventually to build a module contains lighting, sensors, data analysis, an APP multifaceted cloud system platform, etc.
  Secondly, from the point of marketing, the Internet to the traditional business impact, mainly displays in: one is on the marketing and collaboration, with liberalization impact organization. Internet economy marketing activities would scrap sales channels, to subvert the retail system, through the Internet to a random, direct and online marketing (or O2O) liberalization, challenge the industrial economy of organized, channel sales network. This means that the traditional marketing channel conflict, a direct impact on channel dealers interests at all levels. The second is on the production, to experience the impact the production. Internet economy takes the user experience, customization production or service, challenge the large-scale production of industrial economic organizations standardized products, which no doubt on the traditional inherent, scale of production and manufacturing. Because the Internet change quickly, many traditional lighting enterprises deeply transformation stress and panic.
  First, the Internet brings to the LED industry breakthrough opportunities
  (a) the Internet seem to have hit the traditional LED consumer pain points
  At present domestic LED lighting company mainly through engineering sales channels and distributors, but for later entrants, on these traditional channels of input and output gradually out of proportion. Traditional lighting companies such as leishi lighting, opple and mitsuo aurora, its massive terminal sales and brand influence from a nationwide distribution network. Leishi lighting, for example, has 37 operations center in the country, more than 3000 stores.
  Fall 2014, however, the phoenix legend of light, it is hope to replicate leishi lighting and other lighting enterprise spread channel of traditional way for the expansion, eventually fall because of capital chain rupture. New entrants to LED business is very difficult to break the traditional lighting industry pattern of channels, manufacturers and dealers game problems are hard to break. Leishi lighting companies in the field of channel accumulated nearly 20 years, with the national large dealers cooperation for many years, had a lot of channels rules, and new entrants to the LED enterprises, general is to dig their dealer, but it is hard to shake.
  Traditional lighting control, a leader in sales channels are original and new LED if rushed to expand, to invest a lot of money, don‘t get the desired effect, even if not to expand channels and means "cake" is gradually being robbed, LED business channels in this seems to be in a dilemma.
  However, at the other end of the traditional channels were trapped, electricity channel has been rising quietly. E-commerce platform such as alibaba, jingdong information flow and logistics for the entire quantity, channel thorough trample flat, former "marketing pyramid" ashes overnight. So, in hindsight, the LED manufacturers started thinking method of the electric business trip to road, after the success of the first person to eat crab, everyone started to actively planning to the electricity network and have now LED electric business competition.
  (2) the Internet help enterprises develop three or four line market
  Traditional lighting brand after years of development, accumulated in the channel has the very big, can be established by mountains, the territory of their own, new LED want to rush into the territory, to walk a way with their characteristics, such as rural areas to encircle the cities, such as preoccupation two line of three, even four cities lighting market. For now, however, although the three or four lines city also appeared a lot of the lamp is acted the role of city, but the lack of small mall, are given priority to with stores or small stores. On the one hand, these stores stock less species, the price is high. On the other hand, consumers become more and more like to buy a small amount of lamps and lanterns on the Internet. Therefore, the Internet can effectively help enterprises to exploit three or four line city market.
  (3) the electricity into the traditional LED the breach of the enterprise
  Main characteristics of e-commerce for consumers is convenient and cheap, never leave home can buy products, but also door-to-door delivery, save time and effort, and for businesses, development of electronic commerce can save the store fee, can save labor. In electricity network operators page keyword input LED, can have big LED products, can also according to the brand, type, domestic outfit style to classify, some will show the color temperature, power, suitable space, etc., consumer is very easy for you to choose, and online shopping is not limited by geographical area, the radiating surface. These are all choose the advantages of electricity. Through the experience shop better extension electric business channels, in the form of tentacles, let the consumer to the store, see green leds, through e-commerce, sales of lamps and lanterns manufacturer directly to the user, also can learn the user‘s preferences and buying habits. Consumption interval, installation questions such as information, has more competitive than traditional channels.
  In the industry as a whole overcapacity situation is still severe, the civilian market for real estate market downturn and the presence of large uncertainty, innovative marketing model by electricity is one of the best breakthrough point in the development of LED business.
  Second, LED enterprise Internet problems and challenges
  Traditional enterprise to electric business platform, in the talent pool, faces challenges in such aspects as information systems, business model, products reserves and logistics is a traditional manufacturers face a big difficulty. Double tenth, 2012, a furniture manufacturer takes six months to complete the double tenth day of sales product delivery. So not all of the traditional enterprise is fit for electric business platform, high-level not value, the core team ability don‘t match, product and brand differentiation of enterprise are not suitable for blind in electric business platform.
  In addition, the current electricity itself, there are still some shortcomings, for the LED lamps and lanterns, some for glass due to the LED lamps and lanterns, fragile, like LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED absorb dome light, etc., although now are using acrylic material, compressive strength, not easy to damage, but in the course of carriage, a bit inadvertent, hard to avoid can cause damage, or if the damage a come back, also involves the freight problem. After-sales service and installation problems also need to pay attention to, the lamps and lanterns of some complex, often have to provide on-site installation services; In use process, if there is a problem, after-sales service to keep up with, it is also need to consider the problem.