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Lighting lamp is acted the role of the Internet platform is about to burst?

Publish:ShenZhen LaiEnDi Technology Co.,Ltd  Time:2016-05-12
Some say the Internet has hit manufacturers and merchants, manufacturers and merchants business plummeted. Some people say that the Internet brings new opportunities to study hard to grasp the opportunity, Others say that the Internet is just a tool, the nature of the business is still not change...
A factory orders, 60% from online platform; Order to clinch a deal, however, and service, all depended on to do offline. This is called an C2F + O2O, namely consumer direct docking factory, order online, offline experiences and services.
Since this year, there have been several lighting industry of Internet platform operation, each platform in shaping their own core competitiveness, looking for unusual patterns. According to incomplete statistics, all kinds of Internet platform of lighting lighting industry has more than 30, and the number is growing, and even have someone shout out 1 billion yuan to build a lighting lamp is acted the role of the Internet platform. The hot degree, with the rise of LED.
Admittedly, "embrace the Internet" is the inevitable trend of lighting manufacturers. After a few years ago the exploration education and market, lighting lamp is acted the role of the Internet platform has been with the foundation of large-scale promotion, the next 1 to 2 years will burst amazing power. In the process, who can go to the end, it is an open question. In the field of the Internet, there is a irrefutable truth: any segment of the market, eventually be able to leave the Internet platform absolutely can‘t more than three!
For lighting manufacturers, today, some people are already at investment into different Internet platform, become a platform of investors; Some people eager to join different Internet platform, hope to "cast the net wider, the key to catch fish"; Some people "chop", try this platform today, tomorrow to try the platform; Some people don‘t, "two ear not WenPingTai, doing business with capricious"... Everyone has his own choice.
Trend has come, finally like you cannot escape the impact of the LED, lighting will eventually have to accept the impact of the Internet platform. So, lighting manufacturer rather than to deal with, take the initiative to hug and blend in.
However, if you ask me which lighting lamp is acted the role of the Internet platform to go to the end? I don‘t know! The reason is very simple, operating a lighting lamp is acted the role of the Internet platform, just like running a brand enterprise, needs to be integrated, considering various factors and platform type requirement is much higher than the elements of production-oriented enterprises. Both research and development technology, the product style, product price and business model, trade promotion, brand cultivation, platform type enterprises need more money, more talent, more innovation, will be a little bit of opportunistic! So, wait and see!
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